September 18-22, 2024

Terms and Conditions


Your entry to and presence at the Calabasas Film Festival is subject to the following Conditions. The following conditions are both of sale (including any resale or subsequent allocation), participation, original selection, and conditions of entry to the event:

  1. CFF reserves the right to add, delete, reschedule or replace films/artists/facilitators/performers etc and/or vary prices, venues and layout without notice to you.
  2. Individuals may be subject to a personal search and/or search of personal possessions at the time of entry to the venue.
  3. If tickets are damaged or defaced in any way or are not purchased from authorized points of sale, entry may be refused and a refund denied.
  4. Without the prior written consent of Calabasas Film Festival, tickets must not be resold or offered for resale (including on-line auction sites) or used for commercial purposes including advertising, promotional competitions, or to promote the sales of other goods and services. If this condition is breached the ticket may be cancelled without refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused entry.
  5. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the Conditions. By purchasing a ticket and/or entering Calabasas Film Festival you are deemed to have accepted and understood as binding on you all Conditions and any accompanying risks, obligations and responsibilities.
  6. This is a general admission event and entry is at your own risk.
  7. Event proceeds rain or shine.
  8. Tickets purchased through unauthorized points of sale may be cancelled or you may be denied admission without refund, at the sole discretion of the promoter.
  9. Tickets lost or stolen may not be replaced, unless they fit the terms and conditions.
  10. In consideration of your entry and attendance at Calabasas Film Festival, you agree to indemnify the Calabasas Film Festival, its directors, employees and agents, Calabasas Film Festival, volunteers, sponsors and contractors from and against all claims (whether at contract, tort or statute), expenses, harm, damage, loss or personal injury (including death) you suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of your attendance at the Calabasas Film Festival, however caused, including as a result of the negligence or any acts or omissions of Calabasas Film Festival or the venue.
  11. Tickets are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  12. The right of admission is reserved.
  13. Any decision to eject you from the venue is final. No refunds will be issued following ejection from the venue or refused entry.
  14. You acknowledge and agree that while attending Calabasas Film Festival as a member of the audience, your image, likeness or voice may be recorded (by any form of audio or visual recordings), and that any photograph, film, audio file or images of you taken by Calabasas Film Festival or any third party may be published, broadcast, transmitted or otherwise distributed by Calabasas Film Festival or a third party worldwide in any form of media (with or without identification) for any purpose, including for commercial gain, without compensation to you.
  15. You must not make any audio or visual recording or take any photograph other than for private non-commercial purposes.
  16. Security procedures are in effect and you may be requested to submit to a search of your person and/or property. Failure to comply will mean you will be prevented from entering the event.
  17. Appropriate standards of behavior are expected and persons deemed to be behaving in a manner that is dangerous or unacceptable to management or otherwise breaching these Conditions will be refused admission and/or removed from the venue. No refunds will be issued following ejection from the venue.
  18. At the licensed area of the venue, disruptive or offensive behavior will result in service being denied and removal of such offenders from the licensed premises or the venue.
  19. Unless expressly agreed by Calabasas Film Festival, you must not conduct any commercial activities within the venue.
  20. You must not engage in any activities that may be construed as ambush marketing, including displaying inside the venue commercial signage, or selling or distributing goods or services, soliciting or surveying or gathering information from patrons.
  21. The event has licensed areas. Patrons wishing to consume alcohol must have Photo ID. We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to intoxicated persons.
  22. WARNING – you may be exposed to several risks by attending Calabasas Film Festival. Such risks may include (without limitation): (a) Sunburn, heat stroke or dehydration; and (b) Physical injury as a result of the conduct of other attendees.
  23. You must not, without the prior written consent of Calabasas Film Festival, bring any of the following items into the venue: (a) any alcoholic beverages; (b)any cans, metal containers, glass bottles or containers or other glass objects(excluding sunglasses, binoculars and prescription or reading glasses); (c) any illegal drugs; (d) Skateboards, scooters, roller blades or bicycles; (e) any structure or item that may be used to erect a structure, or which is capable of supporting the weight of a person including, without limitation, any chairs, lounges, benches, and stools; (f) knives, weapons ,or fireworks; (g) any whistle, horn, musical instrument, loud hailer, public address system; (h) digital, electronic or other recording or broadcast device; (i) any item that you intend (or such quantities of the item from which Calabasas Film Festival can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes; (j) animals (apart from authorized guide/companion dogs); (k) any dangerous goods; (l) any other items deemed by management to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance.