September 18-22, 2024

Shorts Program 1

30 Sep 2023
1:00 PM
Regency Theater

Shorts Program 1

Directed By: Presley Paras

When two friends go camping to help one get over the breakup of his ex, little goes according to plan as they struggle to accept the reality of the situation.


Directed by: Katina Corrao, Krista Corrao

FAKE Auditions Based on REAL Events. Get an awkward behind-the-scenes look at what Actress Katina Corrao experiences when she auditions. Now with more CRINGE.



Directed By: Monique Sorgen

Melanie tries to get her fake fiancé to come to dinner with her so she can keep up the ruse about how she’s getting married, thus forcing her married friends to hang out with her as her bridesmaids.




Directed By: Daniel E. Catton

An old-school, loud-mouthed Hollywood director (Oliver Cooper) is sent into a frenzy when his artist—international superstar Allen Ling—is late to set. With the Moscow Ballet dropping out at the last minute and Allen’s whereabouts accessible only via pager, “Closer” proves to be a chaotically timeless production in the making.



Directed By: Michael E. Ravich

A young woman named Maggie can’t believe her eyes when BIG AL shows up one day as if from nowhere. He’s a human form of the algorithm, hailing directly from her phone. When he magically offers her everything she wants, before she might even want it, she simply can’t turn away. So when her big date with Lewis arrives Maggie looks to BIG AL to fill a simple request delightfully suggested by her roommate, Brenda. It’s going to be the perfect night and Maggie will finally show Lewis that she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. Will BIG AL come through… or does the algorithm have plans of his own?



Directed By: Tim Granberg

A beaver recounts his experiences as an actor following his dream to be in the movies.